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"Future fit CEO Community" is the platform where the aspiring CEOs and the present day CEOs can create their own digital suite to connect and share similar experiences, inspiring ideas to learn and grow from each other while going through unique high tech & high touch experience.
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For over 50 years, Odgers Berndtson has helped some of the world’s biggest and best organizations find the senior talent to drive their agendas. We deliver executive search, assessment and development to businesses and organizations varying in size, structure and maturity. We do that across over 50 sectors, whether commercial, public or not-for-profit and draw on the experience of more than 250 Partners and their teams in 29 countries.

As a unique provider of people and development focused assessment and development programs in Turkey, we have developed the best practices over many years with international standards and global «know-how» through our accumulated expertise in diverse industries and businesses. Visit our website and learn more about our services, management assessment & leadership practices and transformative development programs.

The global economy is becoming more complex. Organizations must battle against tightening regulation, growing competition, complex back office systems, and the uncertainty of new markets and new technologies. But on top of this, organizations are increasingly connected to each other, their customers, and the environment.


To grow in this environment, organizations require Chief Executive Officers with more than just a stellar resumes.
Today’s CEO requires the technical skills and strategic foresight to marry together the technological, regulatory, and economic opportunities. These skills must be combined with the ability to engage and inspire stakeholders at all levels across the business: from board members and a culturally diverse workforce, to consumers and the media.

In the future, many CEOs will be masters of technology and have a deep understanding of IT across the value chain. Technology will enable companies to enter new markets and leave existing ones with astounding dexterity. At the same time, the requirement for scale will diminish greatly -- as long as technology remains at the fore.

Meanwhile, investors and shareholders, now fully attuned to the need for transparency, will scrutinize the CEO of future and demand a high level of accountability. To cope, CEOs will need superb communication skills.

A visionary CEO reinvents the industry, empowers future and reboots the society.

These officers will also have to be highly resilient because they will be responsible – largely on their own – for steering the organization through relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and investors, as well as increasingly non-governmental organizations and social and environmental groups (Forbes - 06/2014)

With the perfect blend of today’s technology and Odgers Berndtson’s more than 50 years’ executive talent search and development experience, this portal has been created. Chief Officer's and the present day CEO's can create their own digital suite on this portal to share valid information and inspiring ideas while going through unique high tech & high touch experience.