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"Future fit CFO Community" is the network where the aspiring CFOs and the present day CFOs can create their own digital suite to share valid information and inspiring ideas while going through unique high tech & high touch experience.


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For over 50 years, Odgers Berndtson has helped some of the world’s biggest and best organizations find the senior talent to drive their agendas. We deliver executive search, assessment and development to businesses and organizations varying in size, structure and maturity. We do that across over 50 sectors, whether commercial, public or not-for-profit and draw on the experience of more than 250 Partners and their teams in 29 countries.

As a unique provider of people and development focused assessment and development programs in Turkey, we have developed the best practices over many years with international standards and global «know-how» through our accumulated expertise in diverse industries and businesses. Visit our website and learn more about our services, management assessment & leadership practices and transformative development programs.

The demands on today’s Chief Financial Officer have never been greater. Over the past 15 years, the business world has been shaken by corporate accounting scandals, the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, the meteoric rise of shareholder activism, and heightened reputational risks driven by social media.

The CFO has now become a powerful force in organizations and, after the CEO, is arguably the most critical hire a company will make. Through our “Future Fit CFO Community” search work with leading Turkish Boards, Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers, it has become evident that it is no longer enough for the CFO to be a functional or technical expert.

CFOs are increasingly looked on as excellent Chairs-in-waiting.

CFO’s are now expected to know more, do more, and contribute more to the overall success of their companies than ever before. In addition to first-class financial expertise, today’s CFO must relate effectively to the full scope of the business, from sales and marketing to technology and operations.

The expectation has expanded to include oversight over corporate functions such as IT and legal, which have historically reported directly to the CEO. Today, success requires that you should be strategic, operationally savvy, and forward-looking. As well as being able to influence a broad group of stakeholders, and to communicate in a straightforward, compelling manner.